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Enrich, connect and manage data across your organization

With the ambition of becoming the most intelligent application for sourcing internal organizational data as well as the best possible utilization of it, Cluedin focuses on strengthening the daily life of the employees. As an integration platform, Cluedin offers a complete solution with +200 standard integrations, which via few clicks connects and manages information across applications, for example. ERP, CRM, Mail, PIM, etc. Through AI, Cluedin not only manages to collect data but also to cleanse, normalize and connect data for further use in the organization. 

Potential and productivity

All data is sorted into 5 different databases, which subsequently makes it easy to combine data across. This coupled with the many services enabling the enrichment of data, makes Cluedin an effective tool for companies who want to be data-driven and already have large amounts of data but need to supply their data required quality. A process that can typically take several years - Cluedin can help reduce tremendously.

We, therefore, experience a huge potential with Cluedin, with most companies with more than 300 employees, a large amount of data, and many different data sources. Even contributing to ensuring GDPR compliance can often be valuable enough in itself, besides all the other areas of the business where Cluedin can also contribute with value.