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Kruso expands in Germany

We are proud to merge with a digital agency of over 20 people in Hamburg.

We move towards 2024 with a significant expansion of the organization. Back in 2017, we expanded by establishing an office in Malmö. This has today grown to 3 offices and close to 40 employees, covering Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. Now the expansion continues, and the final signature has been set in the fusion between Kruso and customQuake – a digital agency in Hamburg with over 20 employees.

customQuake is an 8-year-old agency with headquarters in Hamburg and two smaller satellite offices near Berlin and Niederrhein. customQuake mainly works with software systems Commercetools and Bloomreach and is also deeply specialized in AR/VR, Digital Twins, and data engineering. Furthermore, customQuake focuses on the public market through several research projects with selected German universities.

The merger should be seen as part of our vision to create a strong Nordic brand within digital tech with an international footprint, delivering business-critical solutions, products, and services that advance digitalization for both international brands and public organizations.

Germany is an incredibly large and strong economy with a growing need for digital transformation services. We see huge opportunities in bringing our expertise and experience to this market, but we are also well aware that to succeed, we need a solid local anchoring, and we have definitely achieved that with customQuake. Additionally, customQuake compliments us with many relevant and exciting competencies that strengthen and expand our service offer in the north for both private and public clients.

- Lars Ørum Andersen, CEO, Kruso

Marcus Meyer-Westphall, CEO of customQuake, also looks forward to developing the business from primarily being a tech agency to also include strategic development, consulting, and an even stronger focus on e-commerce and data engineering.

By joining forces, we can create a new way of approaching tech and digitalization – which means that we can deliver more strategic solutions that range from consulting, digital transformation, design, and technical development to cloud services, data engineering, digital marketing, and governance.

- Marcus Meyer-Westphall, CEO, customQuake

The expansion to other markets is one of the cornerstones of Kruso's growth strategy:

We work in a field that is constantly getting both wider and deeper. To be a relevant tech partner for our clients, specialization and the ability to solve and oversee more and more complex problems are therefore absolutely crucial. Although Denmark is said to be one of the world's most digitized markets, it is also one of the smallest, so while we have a lot we can teach, we have at least as much new to learn outside our own borders - also in Germany. Therefore, a diversified growth strategy is exciting, which, in addition to giving us the opportunity to try our hand at some other markets and clients, also accelerates our knowledge development and strengthens our abilities. And it's also really fun and enriching to get a lot of lovely colleagues out in the world.

- Lars Ørum Andersen, CEO, Kruso

After the merger, Kruso is represented by +140 consultants across 4 markets and 7 offices.