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Trend report

Trends and topics that changed the IT and Digitization industry in 2023

Takeaways from the year that went

2023 has been a year where technology has taken some significant steps forward.

At Kruso, through our work, we have had the opportunity to engage with many new and exciting topics. We have selected five topics in a report that we believe will shape your strategy for 2024 and provide you with inspiration on how to integrate these in the coming year.

Everything is presented in a clear manner, so you can easily get an overview.

Trend report

With this report covering topics such as AI, omnichannel, digital product passports, cybersecurity, and digital sustainability, you'll get an in-depth overview that can form a robust foundation for your strategy in 2024.

Additionally, you can integrate these points into your annual kick-off to add a dimension of the latest trends. Should you have any questions, or if you wish for a more in-depth discussion on specific topics, we are ready to engage further and explore these together with you.

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