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Driving digital success.

We know that a well-defined digital strategy is crucial for achieving success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our goal is to unlock the full potential of your digital presence and empower you to stay ahead of the competition.

Digitalization strategy is Tech Fiction with its head in the cloud and both feet on the ground

Digitalization is a movement - forward, upward, downward, towards; sneaking, quantum leaping, sliding towards a vision of the future where digital instrumentation could play a positive role. With Kruso as your digitalization partner, your business can effectively make decisions about digital initiatives on a valid basis.

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Strategies must be target-oriented!

If the movement were just a game, chance and the unexpected would only add to the tension, and perhaps it would actually be optimal not to know the target at all. The movement would be an end in itself. But the reality for our clients - and probably for you reading this - is of course, different. Digitalization is not nice-to. Not an experiment parallel to and disconnected from the heart of the business. For everyone, it is a condition of operating, and for some, a parameter, of competing, servicing, growing, and meeting regulatory requirements, ... - in all cases: target-oriented!

No matter how clear a business objective appears, it requires special knowledge to be able to see through which digitalization measures most effectively support the goal and to set up concrete action plans for how these measures can be realized. Often, one action is inextricably, but not necessarily visibly, linked to others, and it requires oversight and experience to ensure that just the right digital actions are taken.

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Digital Stragility. Do it right, the right way - Now!

Execution without strategic validity is risky. This is particularly true in a digitalization context, where conditions and preconditions are changing rapidly and constantly. Therefore, the focus must be on thinking carefully before acting.

At the same time, strategy is entirely redundant if it does not translate into execution. So the focus must be on action.

The trick is to do it simultaneously.

Kruso offers a particularly integrated, binary-focused collaborative organisation, which on the one hand, ensures fast and agile execution of the customer's here-and-now needs, while keeping track of the overall strategic plan.

Digital transformation

This is about the digitally driven transformation of our customers' business, i.e. new business opportunities through new products or services, reduced costs and more efficient service through changed processes, new channels of sales and communication. It is also about organisational design.

Typical output: 

  • Digital vision and hypothesis 

  • Clarification of internal business processes 

  • Customer and market analysis 

  • Technical vision 

  • OKR + Initiative Road Map  

Customer experience (CX) audit & strategic validation

Scaling your e-commerce/branding platform successfully requires a scalable CX concept. We can help you determine whether your existing CX strategy and technical concepts can handle new requirements, such as new target groups, internationalisation to new markets, new multi-brand architecture, etc.

Typical output: 

  • CX Expert review 

  • CX data audit 

  • Market CX benchmark analysis 

  • Usability study (interviews, user testing, etc.) 

  • Investment/execution business case 

Commerce platform strategy

If your company is facing a new or reinvestment in a commerce platform, there are many aspects to consider, such as ROI, TCO, scalability, modular architecture, code reuse and building a governance structure. As your technical-strategic advisor, we can provide certainty to your investment plan in commerce technologies and software.

Typical output: 

  • E-commerce market benchmark analysis 

  • Software feature mapping & vendor selection 

  • Business case 

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