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Digital Sustainability

The European Union approved the Sustainability Reporting Directive, also known as the CSRD Directive or the "Reporting Directive". The Directive is a significant step towards increasing the outside world's insight into the sustainability data of the individual company and in determining the task of companies in collecting and communicating this data.

Kruso offer three ways to measure and improve your company's website into a more climate-friendly version.

1) Climate Friendly Optimization Audit

Kruso offer sustainable technology consulting. We help organizations identify, evaluate, and implement sustainable technology solutions.

Services we offer

  • ESG assesment: Identify how much CO2/energy your website produce, and make a plan for bringing the level down

  • Setting realistic digital sustainability targets

  • Recurring ESG reporting: Delivering reporting that tracks the development and holds the companies in compliance

Your output

  • Know your current carbon footprint 

  • Clear targets for your climate-friendly website

  • Ballpark estimate for the suggested optimisations

  • Compliance with the latest ESG reporting demands

2) Optimize your existing website

Energy optimizing digital systems is mostly about ensuring you don’t use more data and energy than needed – keeping everything as lightweight as possible.  

Our services

  • Green Hosting

  • Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver the website from a server near the user

  • Optimizing your website towards lowering the overall CO2 footprint.

  • Content governance: When to create, edit and delete pages

Your output

  • Improved digital carbon footprint

  • Faster loading websites

  • Improved performance and Core Web Vitals

3) New responsible website by design

Optimizing your website technically can bring you so far in terms of carbon footprint reductions. However, if your ambitions to run your site sustainably exceed what can be obtained by trimming the code, carefully applied design principles could take your website to the next level.

Our services

  • UX

  • Content Governance

Your output

  • Best digital carbon footprint

  • Faster loading websites

  • Best performance and Core Web Vitals

Digital Sustainability Whitepaper

Digitization makes life easier and more comfortable for all of us. It has been a mantra for many years. Therefore, User Centric Development has been in focus. But IT emits just as much CO2 as the airline industry, so we have to focus on digitization being as climate friendly as possible.

Key takeaways

  • Kruso's suggestions on how sustainability can be incorporated into your website.

  • Real life solution of a low impact website.

  • Take-away questions, that you must consider to become a sustainable web editor.


Get smarter on digital sustainability

  • Digital Sustainability Whitepaper

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