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Upgrade Umbraco 7 before September 2023

Security updates and all support for Umbraco 7 will end in September 2023. Get a health check and an upgrade estimate.

In July 2021, Umbraco 7 entered the security-only phase, which means that Umbraco 7 updates will only consist of security updates and critical bug fixes, which will continue until September 30, 2023. Thus, the work and maintenance of features and non-critical bug fixes have officially ended for Umbraco 7. It is no longer recommended to use Umbraco 7!

Upgrade, migration or new build?

Between Umbraco 7 and Umbraco 8, several data structures were changed; this means that an upgrade is not necessarily an option but that the right solution is a migration of data and views.

Between Umbraco 8 and Umbraco 9+, the underlying technology was upgraded (from .net framework to .net core). Therefore it is necessary to assess each solution individually and then plan for the future.

Why upgrade?

The latest versions of Umbraco add more editor help tools, modern technology, better performance, and thus fewer demands on the hosting environment. Suppose you, as a customer, choose to stay on Umbraco 7. In that case, you will have to secure your Umbraco 7 site in alternative ways, as unsupported software can be seen as neglected if a security breach occurs, and thus a potential GDPR fine will hit harder.

Health check

Kruso offers a non-binding health check of your Umbraco 7 (or older) solution. The health check will reveal the current technical status and provide a solid stepping stone to work on from. As part of the health check, the overall security and performance of the solution will also be assessed and reported.

The health check ends with Kruso providing an estimate and a process for an upgrade to the latest LTS (Long Term Support) Umbraco version. This report also assesses the recommended approach to upgrading, migration or new construction. To perform a health check, Kruso must have access to the existing source code and a review of the Umbraco backend on the current site to assess the data structures and extent of the solution.

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