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Nord-Lock Active Directory.

SSO solution to reduce the need for multiple logins.

Nord-Lock Group is the world leader in secure bolting solutions with products that are used in a range of critical applications, like wind turbines, high-speed trains, and rollercoasters. Their customers include many of the world’s most respected companies who put their trust in Nord-Lock Group, in great part due to their deep technical knowledge and the first class support they provide.


Nord-Lock has a strong focus on proactive customer and employee support. Because of this focus, they have amassed a roster of different applications and tools to aid in different situations, often used in different modular combinations. As the usage of these started to increase, the users found themselves in a frustrating situation where the different applications demanded multiple logins. 

We had to remove as many obstacles as possible associated with the login process. Therefore connections to well-known platforms such as Facebook and Google were important. The solution also had to be easily connected with Nord-Lock’s internal AD which allows their employees to sign on to their Brand and eCommerce platform with their internal accounts. What would be the best Single Sign On (SSO) solution to reduce the need for multiple logins given Nord-Locks situation?


Nord-Lock uses a lot of Microsoft’s services, so we started looking at Microsoft’s offer within the field. Azure Active Directory B2C support standards like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML. This enables easy integrations to other solutions and services within Nord-Locks technical landscape. Azure Active Directory B2C allows us to connect to user providers such as Facebook and Google, while also connecting to Nord-Locks internal AD. With the access to create tailored user flows (called custom policies in Azure Active Directory B2C) we can connect to other solutions, such as connecting registrations directly to their Lead Capture in Dynamics.


Nord-Lock have greatly improved the customer experience with their SSO solution as it has reduced the number of previously required Sign On’s. The SSO solution also provides their employees with a better digital workspace, giving them the tools to perform at their very best without any unnecessary friction. Our understanding of Nord-Lock's and their customer's needs as well as Nord-Lock's working methods was of great value as we reduced barriers to a minimum.