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Public digitalization

We want to streamline the public sector's operations through advanced digital solutions. With years of experience in digital transformation, we understand the unique challenges and complexities that public institutions face. Therefore, it is even more important for us to be at the forefront of public digitalization, driving change for a smarter and more connected society.

We believe in public digitalization in Denmark

Denmark has one of the world's most well-functioning public sectors. Few places in the world have a better correlation between what public institutions and companies deliver and what citizens and society demand.

And this correlation can undoubtedly be attributed to the fact that Denmark is the country in the world with the highest degree of digitalization of public services – combined with the openness and transparency that are part of the values and norms of Danish society.

Danish Consumer OmbudsmanThorough re-design

A key part of supporting an open and transparent society is communication and interaction between authorities and citizens, and here digital solutions, web platforms, and self-service solutions are an integrated part of the daily life of Danes. This is because we understand the context in which the solutions are to be used and what creates value for our public clients.

We understand that a digital platform is a central part of solving a public core task. We understand that public companies are driven by a genuine desire to help others, and that this motive is the motivation for everything that unfolds daily between citizen and authority or company and authority.

Inclusion and accessibility

It is important that digital platforms of public authorities are created to include everyone. All citizens are equal and everyone has the right to be able to contact the authorities. Therefore, we work intensively with accessibility and the design of service journeys that take into account that not all users are the same and that there should be room for everyone.

Whitepaper: Bureaucracy Meets Innovation

In this whitepaper, our aim is to engage you with the commonalities and differences discovered during our investigation.

We believe sharing these insights can foster an improved understanding and open doors to effective strategies and solutions.

The whitepaper is based on conversations with:

  • Dansk Producentansvar (DPA / Danish Producer Responsibility) from Denmark

  • State Portal Department from Estonia

  • IT consultants for the ministry of economic affairs in the Netherlands


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    Full-service in the complete collaboration cycle

    Kruso has had public digitization as a strategic business focus since 1998 and is today one of the country's leading digital partners for the public sector in Denmark. Our range of services is continuously tested and refined daily in response to the demands, expectations, and competencies held by digital professionals in the public sector in Denmark.

    SkolevalgE-learning platform

    It is entirely natural in the format of competitive outsourcing in public digital collaborations that solutions change hands from time to time. Kruso follows the market's best practices for solution transfers, both when we take over and when we transfer solutions to other suppliers, ensuring lean economics in the transition phase and minimizing risks associated with supplier changes in general.

    In daily operations, we forget that there is a customer-supplier relationship. Our specialists are ready to contribute in multi-party agile development collaborations, on an equal footing with product and business stakeholders and other specialists. And who is employed where is secondary. It is about everyone being ready to take responsibility and create value - together!

    Maastricht UniversityDigitalizing students’ life skills

    Good collaboration starts with a tender that is attractive to as many of the best suppliers as possible to participate in the task. This creates positive competition and ensures that the best, market-responsive offers are submitted. We are happy to - and often - contribute input to the public sector's market dialogues on digitization and do our part to make the tenders as sharp as possible.

    Ensuring high quality in our tender processes for the public sector is absolutely fundamental to our public business. Successful collaboration is based on the right contractual foundation, which in turn is based on a common understanding and specification of requirements and solutions.

    Collaboration creates efficiency

    The Public Sector is affected by a constant, overriding demand for optimization and improved efficiency. To a high degree, this optimization derives from initiatives of the common public digitalization strategies etc. and is about using the resources in the right way creating self-serviced and self-helped citizens and removing the barriers between authority and citizen.

    Kruso creates digital platforms supporting these processes, reducing operational expenses, creating active citizenship, and supports cooperation between authorities and businesses.

    The transparent and quality-oriented collaboration

    Kruso typically sits in the steering group leadership of customer collaborations with a representative from Kruso's partner group. In this program-oriented management forum, we ensure the quality of collaboration through an open dialogue about, among other things:

    • Quality and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

    • Financial management

    • Strategic validation

    • Foresight

    • Decision-making authority

    The Danish ParliamentMulitisite portal solution

    User-centered, insight-driven digitalization

    The solutions we create together with our public clients always revolve around putting the citizen or business at the center. It's about understanding the user's starting point and goals and the service experience that should be fundamental in the solution.

    That's why we use methods like Service Design in combination with usability testing to define and validate solutions during development projects, ensuring that digitalization aligns with the real needs of citizens and businesses.

    Cost-benefit-driven collaborations

    The public sector is influenced by a constant overarching demand for efficiency. This efficiency largely stems from initiatives arising from the requirements of common public digitalization strategies, and it's about using resources wisely, creating digitally independent and self-reliant citizens, and removing barriers between authorities and citizens.

    As a natural part of our customer collaborations, we maintain an economic roadmap where upcoming initiatives are addressed and estimated early on, allowing for financial rationalization to take place as early as possible, and only the most value-creating efforts are realized.

    Want to know more?

    If you have any questions about how we work with the public sector, feel free to reach out to me.

    Anders Frey Birkmose

    +45 41 95 33 30