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Trends from the Digitalization Fair in Odense.

Kruso was, again this year, represented with a stand at the Digitalization Fair in Odense, and many came to meet suppliers and colleagues from other municipalities.

The digitisation fair is aimed broadly at the municipalities, and we met employees in IT departments, IT consultants, communication employees and innovation consultants. Almost 120 companies and organisations exhibited at the fair, and there were presentations on seven different stages throughout the day. 

It can be challenging to mention clear trends from the exhibitors and presentations, but we will try it anyway.

Sustainability and optimisation of processes

Sustainability is a consideration in multiple different types of products and services. It can be everything from sensors that turn on the lights to energy-saving hosting solutions. "Work smart, not hard" still applies. Among other things, there were presentations on using robots and artificial intelligence to optimise work processes and presentations and dialogues about how we uphold the welfare model when we face a future with fewer people in practical human-to-human jobs. 

Last but not least, several exhibitors and presentations focused on measurements of CO2 consumption and green accounts. 

GDPR and data collection

Compliance with the GDPR legislation still takes up a lot of municipal everyday life, and several presentations focused on this. On the contrary, there is still a significant focus on collecting data that public actors can use to optimise and automate work processes.  

Tenders and joint municipal collaborations

Tender is a big focus, both in the municipalities and with the municipalities' suppliers. At the Digitalization Fair, several presentations focused on making the tender processes easier. The overall impression is that the municipalities face the same challenges and that it is expensive for them to find all the answers themselves. Another theme that, quite naturally, attracted much attention was how to work together on solutions across municipalities and industries.

Helpful dialogue between suppliers and municipalities

What we took away from the fair was that there is a good dialogue between suppliers and municipalities and between municipalities. We face the same challenges, and there is a great willingness to share experiences so that others can learn from them. 

In particular, we notice that sustainability has come up on the agenda with both municipalities and suppliers, and we are happy about that. The focus on sustainability shows that the trends we have noticed in our work are the same in other suppliers and municipalities.